23rd May 2018 Gaffer

4Ocean // The Story

During 2017 I was sent on assignment to Accra, Ghana.

The trip was overshadowed by an unimaginable amount of plastic waste washed-up on the otherwise picturesque beaches. It had congregated so high in parts that the beach was impassable.

As well as the obvious eye-sore, I couldn’t help but think about the life-threatening impact this must have on the sea life. I left Ghana somewhat saddened.

Since returning home, I’ve been more aware of the media messages highlighting the global impact of plastic waste and the serious threat it causes to life.

I felt compelled to do something, and so ever since, I have been supporting 4Ocean who work to clean-up the sea’s plastic pollution, one pound at a time.

This year, I decided to step up my efforts. So from June 2018, I pledge to donate to 4Ocean with every new project. It’s a drop in the ocean, but I hope that this small gesture will eventually lead to a big difference.

You can visit www.4ocean.com to learn more.

Image from Ghana (Left to Right): Vincent Tremeau, Helen Evans (One Day I Will), Si Gamble.

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