Electric Cars Aren’t the Future… Yet

Electric Cars Aren’t the Future… Yet

It’s been a few weeks since the last blog and for good reason! With an influx of projects at Hydra Creative – when I’ve not been out shooting, I’ve had my head firmly burrowed in pre-production paperwork!

So where do I start? Since the last blog, I’ve continued the final pre-production prep for the upcoming Muay Thai documentary… With the last interviews planned in the next two weeks. I’ve also teamed up with good friend and co-filmmaker Matt Davies to work on another boxing short – filming for that starts this Sunday!

At Hydra Creative, we’ve been busy on many projects. From product demonstrations, to event videos. We’ve been fortunate enough to be trusted with a wide range of projects – all of which will be launched on the Hydra Creative Youtube Channel so keep checking back for updates!

I’ve also taken time out to catch Doug Allen on his UK tour. Doug is a wildlife cameraman who’s worked on just about every BBC nature documentary that’s worth watching. His talk involved stories of mischievous seals, walrus attacks, and protecting the polar ice caps – a must for any serious wildlife photographer.

Speaking of global warming, I suppose the highlight (and lowlight) of this month came when I agreed to ride shotgun in an electric car.

As a massive petrol head, I’m always dubious when someone tries to convince me that electric cars are the future. The limited range, let alone inconvenience of waiting for upwards of half an hour to recharge batteries, is enough to put anyone off. Plus, I much prefer the rumble of a V8 beneath my feet, than listening to the eerie hum of an electric motor.

But… I’m up for trying anything that prolongs the life of this planet!

So, there we were. My colleague James and I driving with great smugness and glee to a meeting – floating along in silence with an array of computers flashing and whizzing away. All was great. The ride was comfortable. I was warm.

We arrived at our meeting in good time and comfort. Stepping out into the cold air, I remember looking anxiously at the remaining range and my colleague reassuring me the nearest charging point was just moments away.

After the meeting we headed to a car park  just 5 minutes away. Upon arrival, it quickly became apparent that there wasn’t a charge point as promised – which left us rerouting to another point 10 minutes down the road. No major panic, yet!

james charging renault zoe
James attempting a charge at Ikea

We arrived at Ikea with just 8 miles range remaining and found the charge point… Phew! I set about checking my emails while James connected the car. A few minutes later, I looked up from my LCD to a pale face. The charge point had broken.

We were now faced with a dilemma – either head up the M1 on the assumption that the battery had a reserve beyond the official range, or head to a charge point at a hotel 6 miles away. Playing it safe, we went to the hotel, arriving just as the range hit 0.

Joyfully, we both sprung from the car – James enthusiastically reaching for the cable…

My heart sank. James was now completely colourless. It immediately became apparent that neither of us were going home any time soon. The cable was taped up – ‘out of order.’

So, the only thing left for the little electric car was an unceremonious trip home on the back of a flat bed – which duly arrived an hour later.

What should’ve been a 40 minute journey in fact took three hours. However, despite this, I’m slightly more convinced that it electric cars could be the future. Range and infastructure needs vast improvement before I consider changing but – to end of a positive – it was a thoroughly enjoyable ride while it was moving.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Keep an eye out for more updates shortly.

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