Hydra Creative, Doccos and Sicario

Hydra Creative, Doccos and Sicario

Followers on social media may have noticed a destint lack of filmmaking over the last week or so. And there’s good reason…

Last week was my first in a new position at Hydra Creative. It’s been great, despite being comprehensively embarrassed on Fifa. I’m over the moon with the talent there and we have some fantastic projects lined up. I’ll be sharing what I can in the pre-Christmas window!

In terms of ongoing projects, I’m still working on my first ‘proper’ documentary which I’m hoping will be wrapped up before it gets too cold!

The whole thing will be shot on FS700, which presents a few problems – mainly with dynamic range and the less than ideal AVCHD codec. However, as a self-funded project, needs must! Despite this, initial footage is really exciting and as long as you’re careful it’s a more than capable camera – especially in S-Log.

On another note I’d highly recommend a trip to see Sicario this week – if you haven’t already. I’m a huge Deakins fan (who isn’t) and this for me was another stunning piece of cinema. It’s claustrophobic, paranoid and disturbing but above all it’s stunning. Deakings brings some trademark POV’s and plays heavily with dynamic range to cast shadows (literally) on the complex story. A must watch.

Anyway, I’ll keep this post short and sweet. Stay tuned for more updates, I’ll be posting some new bits the is week on social media. Exciting times ahead.

Much Love.



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